Monday, June 29, 2015

Congratulations to Robby Houghton on having his mural design approved by the Pleasanton Civic Arts Commission!

Congratulations to my student, Robby Houghton, a young man with Autism / special needs, who had his mural design enthusiastically approved by the Pleasanton Arts Commission and City Council!  

Robby will paint the mural (which will be on a utility box at Bernal Ave and Case Ave in Pleasanton, CA).  The mural aims to be be completed by September 2015.

Robby has been my student for over a year.  We do a number of different drawing and painting projects together.  Robby is a talented artist, and enjoys his classes very much!  He has made many great artworks during the past year.

Robby is a member of Sunflower Hill, an organization founded by eleven families of children with developmental delays. Their goal is to create a sustainable, special needs community not only for their own children – but for other individuals and families seeking programming and residential options. Sunflower Hill has a Website and Facebook page that provides more information about the organization.

Below are some of the pictures Robby has made, and will use, on his Pleasanton Utility Box mural, as well as a picture of Robby in art class (picture taken by Alexandria Washburn).


Roberta Ransome said...

I love Robby's pictures. They are beautiful.

Thomasin Dewhurst said...

Thank you, Roberta! Robby is doing a great job!